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The End of Diaper Rash...Naturally!​

Baby Butz’ natural diaper rash cream is the safest and most effective, diaper rash treatment available without a prescription. 
Our zinc cream helps with baby’s eczema, skin problems and cures baby diaper rashes fast!

Our simple but effective formula is unlike any other diaper rash creams on the market.

Here is a comparison chart between Baby Butz and other brands of diaper rash creams.

100% Natural, 100% Guaranteed!

Baby Butz’ natural diaper rash cream is the safest and most effective treatment for diaper rashes.

What is Baby Butz cream?

Baby Butz’ zinc cream is both a barrier and healing treatment for diaper rashes. Baby Butz diaper rash cream prevents and heals most rashes in 4-6 hours. Made from 100% All-Natural Ingredients and licensed as a Natural Health Product. Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available without a prescription. Baby Butz cream is a product manufactured in Canada by Olen Skin Care Corporation.

Why is Baby Butz cream better than any other diaper rash cream?

  • Heals diaper rashes in 4-6 hours!
  • 100% Natural. Does not contain perfume, alcohol or chemicals
  • Has a thick, creamy consistency that adheres to the skin to protect and heal
  • Will immediately stop the pain
  • Provides complete overnight protection, parents can sleep soundly knowing baby will not have diaper rash in the morning
  • Applied at every diaper change guarantees that your child will never develop diaper rash
  • Has passed the stringent requirements to be approved as a Natural Health Product
  • Baby Butz diaper rash cream is used in hospital neonatal units
  • Pediatricians recommend Baby Butz cream and provide samples to patients
  • 100% Guaranteed

What is an NPN and Why is it Important?

The Natural Product Number (NPN) is an eight digit license number located on the product label. This number means the product has been assessed by Health Canada and deemed to be an all natural product that is safe, effective and of high quality.

Can I use Baby Butz cream on Cloth Diapers?

It is recommended that you use a disposable or reusable liner when you use any skin care product when you cloth diaper.  Baby Butz diaper rash cream sticks to the skin so your baby has maximum protection and a small amount will stick to the diaper.  A liner provides a solution but if there is still a concern for the cloth diaper, an easy solution is to swap out to a disposable diaper until the rash has cleared.

The reason for my purpose and passion for creating a diaper rash cream was born out of pure necessity.

My first child was born with a rare syndrome, Cornelia de Lange. Since his birth, he has been in diapers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which has forced me to learn a lot about diaper rash.

My son spent endless hours at the Children’s Hospital during the first 3 years of his life. During his stay at the hospital he developed diaper rash and was treated with a cream formulated from the Hospital Pharmacy. When the Hospital Pharmacy closed, I tried every diaper rash cream available, anything and everything that promised a “cure”, none were effective and not one came close to the product that was provided from the hospital pharmacy.

My son had terrible bouts of diaper rash, his poor bum looked like raw hamburger and he was always in pain. I was desperate to find a safe product that would prevent and heal his diaper rashes but most leading brands of diaper rash cream contain perfume,  alcohol and chemicals…Ingredients that should NEVER be in baby products. The other “natural” diaper rash creams were mostly made up of oils and waxes, wiped off easily in diapers and didn’t help with healing a rash.

I decided to formulate my own diaper rash cream for my son, Demitri.

Working in conjunction with a Consulting Research Chemist, I modified the formulation that was used in the hospital ensuring that all ingredients were natural. The cream worked so well that the doctors who cared for my son encouraged me to sell the product so that it could help others. This is how Baby Butz cream was born.

In the seven years I have been using my cream on my son he has never had diaper rash. My cream, Baby Butz, works better than any other diaper rash cream on the market. It is the safest, most effective natural diaper rash cream available without a prescription.

Pediatricians across Canada and USA are handing out samples of Baby Butz cream to their patients and the cream is being used in several hospital neonatal units.

Licensed with an NPN (natural product number) by Health Canada and FDA Registered, Baby Butz cream meets the Gold Standard of Pediatricians.

I  never have to worry about diaper rash ever again and neither will you if you use this cream.

My promise, Baby Butz cream will heal the rash FAST, is 100% Natural, 100% Safe and 100% Guaranteed!

Majda Ficko


ZINC OXIDE (NON-NANO) A dermatological agent with astringent, soothing and protective properties. Zinc is found in just about every cell of the body. It also contains powerful antioxidant properties and is an important factor in your immune system response.  Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and absorbs the nutrients of zinc oxide cream directly through the skin. Zinc oxide accelerates healing of the skin.

LANOLIN (HIGHLY REFINED) Lanolin is extracted from the wool of sheep. The fat protects the wool and skin from drying out, and from extremes of hot and cold and from bacteria. Lanolin is the fatty substance most akin to the fat in our own skin.  It can help our skin to retain moisture and prevent it from drying out.  At the same time, it allows the skin to sweat and breathe naturally.  Lanolin has the physical properties of increasing adhesion to dry skin, and forming protective films on the skin. Lanolin has the property of being able to bind water to itself.  In baby ointments it neutralizes the corrosive ammonia of the urine through saponification (the acid parts of the fat react with the ammonia to form a soap) while at the same time protecting the skin.

PETROLATUM (HIGHLY REFINED) A colorless-to-amber semi-solid mixture of oily and waxy long-chain, non-polar hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum and used in lubricants and medicinal ointments.  Petrolatum adds lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, and ointments. Petrolatum used in cosmetics and personal care products sold in Canada is a highly-refined grade and must meet all the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Health Canada Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD).  Petrolatum used as an active ingredient in over-the-counter drugs goes through even stricter regulatory control. Not all petrolatum products are made the same, check out the “Petrolatum Facts”  

CORNSTARCH (NON-GMO) Cornstarch is a fine, powdery starch that is made out of corn.  Cornstarch in Baby Butz cream is used as a thickener and also for its exceptional anti-itch properties. Cornstarch is gluten free.

Diaper rash is akin to a chemical burn.

Most babies will have a diaper rash at some point. Some babies have very sensitive skin and will be prone to getting rashes easily and quickly. Although the number of severe diaper rash cases have decreased over time, diaper rash is just as common now as it was 30 years ago.

When using Baby Butz cream, a mild case of diaper rash should clear up in less than 6 hours or by the next diaper change.  Severe rashes will heal in 24 hours or less!

It’s important to understand that diaper rashes are very common and do not indicate poor child care.


Diaper rash usually causes mild redness and scaling where the diaper touches your baby’s skin. In bad cases, the rash can cause pimples, blisters and other sores on your baby’s buttocks, thighs or gential area and may tend to get bloody. If the rash gets infected, it will become bright red and the skin may get swollen. Small red patches or spots may spread beyond the main part of the rash, even outside the diaper rash.


  • Babies skin is 30% thinner than that of an adult making it much more sensitive and some babies have ultra sensitive skin.
  • Most diaper rashes are caused by skin irritation which can occur from the ammonia in urine and/or bacteria in stool.
  • Rashes commonly develop overnight when baby is asleep.
  • Diarrhea
  • Teething
  • Acidic foods and drinks
  • Your baby’s skin can also be irritated by the soap used to wash cloth diapers, or by some brands of disposable diapers or baby wipes.
  • Heat, moisture and friction make it easier for diaper rash to start and for germs to grow. Diaper rash can also develop while the baby is on antibiotics (or if the mother is on antibiotics while breastfeeding.


  • Check your baby’s diaper often and change it as soon as it’s wet or soiled.
  • Carefully clean your baby’s bottom, use plain warm (not hot) water or unscented wipes.
  • Avoid baby wipes and soaps that are scented. The alcohol or fragrance can make skin irritation worse.
  • After bathing, pat your baby’s bottom dry with a towel rather than scrubbing it.
  • Scrubbing can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • If you use cloth diapers, after washing, use a warm vinegar rinse to kill germs and remove soap that could irritate your baby’s skin
  • Use Baby Butz cream to protect and heal your baby’s skin.
  • If diaper rash persists, and Baby Butz Cream cannot heal the skin, it may be a yeast infection, a visit to your doctor is recommended.


Some research suggests that because disposable diapers are more absorbent they keep babies drier. Cloth diapers are more cost effective. The choice is up to you.

Remember, that the most important thing about diapers is to check them often and change as necessary.

Recognized and Awarded by Trusted Body

Baby Butz, award winning rash cream. Trusted by doctors. Loved by Moms & Dads. Safe for your children.

The Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream Story