Treating Diaper Rash When It Happens

Try as we may to prevent it, little babies occasionally get diaper rashes on their bottoms. As we have explained many times before on this blog, sometimes diaper rashes are not predictable and can occur very quickly. Children who have sensitive skin are more prone to diaper rashes than others. This is why it is a good idea to keep the zinc mineral diaper rash cream on hand at all times just in case.

When you first see that burning new diaper rash on your babies’ bottom the first thing that may come to mind is ” I am the worst mother ever how did I let this happen?”.

Trust us, we all get this… diaper rash guilt. While diaper rash is in no way a good thing, it isn’t in any way shape or form a sign of poor parenting. In fact, most babies’ will get one eventually- now what you need to do is treat it.


How Painful is A Diaper Rash?

On a scale of not too bad, to the burning ring of fire- a diaper rash can be moderately painful to severe. Thankfully babies’ have a high pain threshold so they may not fuss or complain too much about it- but trust us, it is not nice to have a rash.

If your little baby does seem fussy because they have a diaper rash, soothe them the best you can with snuggles, love, and of course diaper rash cream. It is important that parents note that whether or not their child seems bothered by their irritated bum you MUST TREAT IT. A slight diaper rash can turn into a nasty infection if left alone so do take special care as soon as you see one emerging.

Baby Butz, The Best Course of Action!

While some parents may brush it off, others may feel the need to overact when they see a diaper rash for the first time. Do not panic- a diaper rash is no reason to head to the E.R. Use a zinc mineral containing diaper rash cream, like Baby Butz, on the affected area and give it some time. If the diaper rash does not clear up in a few days you may want to make an appointment with your paediatrician. In most instances a diaper rash that is treated immediately with Baby Butz all natural diaper rash cream should clear up or at least begin to heal within a few hours. If the appearance of the skin is not improving then it may not be a diaper rash after all. Read More…

We were all new parents once, unfamiliar with the world of diaper rash creams and sore bottoms. Once you have gained a bit of experience in the child wielding world your will no longer break a sweat over the appearance of a tiny diaper rash. Just reach for the Baby Butz, diaper rash cream and watch the bum clear up in no time! Yes, there are other diaper rash creams out there- but Baby Butz comes highly reviewed and recommended by moms across Canada. Not to mention, it is 100% natural and chem free! Find Out More…

Where To Buy Baby Butz In Canada?