Does your poor little one have a diaper rash? Here is how you treat it.

So, you are changing your baby’s diaper and you discover that they have a diaper rash on their bottom. Don’t panic! When left untreated diaper rashes can be extremely painful BUT if you take care of it quickly the rash will heal up fast.

In today’s blog we are going to go over the steps to take when you spot a diaper rash on your infant to clear it up quick.

First things first, wash your hands! Before and after all diaper changes, this is to make sure that your hands are clean when you changing your baby’s bum.

Next, wipe the soiled area gently with baby wipes or a damp cloth. Make sure that you are thorough when doing this.

Once the baby is clean pat the area dry. Do not rub, rubbing may cause further irritation.

After drying, use two fingers and scoop up a small dab (quarter size) of natural diaper rash cream from the jar.

Gently, smooth cream onto rashy area.

Lastly, put on diaper as normal.

When you choose a natural diaper rash cream with Zinc (like our Baby Butz) the rash should clear up within a day. It is a good idea to put the diaper rash cream on before putting your little one down for bed. Like magic, you will notice the rash disappears overnight!

How to prevent diaper rash

It is important for parents to know that diaper rashes are a normal consequence of diaper wearing. If your child does have a rash you do not have to feel bad or guilty. However, you should act promptly to treat the rash and spare your infant the pain.

If you are worried about diaper rash reoccuring there are a few things that you can do to prevent it.

– Check your baby’s bottom frequently

– Do not let your little one stay in a wet diaper long

– Use hypo-allergenic wipes / mild wipes

– Pat the area dry after wiping

– Use natural baby products with gentle ingredients

– Apply diaper rash cream before bed as a preventative measure

If you are doing all of these things and still noticing that your baby is regularily getting a diaper rash, then you may want to speak to a physician. Although, diaper rashes are not really something to panic about, it is a good idea to inquire with a doctor if the rash is not healing.

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