Frequent diaper rash- could teething be the culprit?

If your child has recently become prone to diaper rashes and nothing seems to work to treat it, the problem may be teething! Nobody knows why this happens but when babies’ teeth come in they tend to drool more, leading to bouts of diarrhea. As unpleasant as this may be it is a common part of the teething process. Unfortunately, when an infant’s stools become wetter because of teething they become increasingly more likely to develop a diaper rash. For this reason don’t be surprised if your baby suddenly get a diaper rash while they are cutting new teeth.

Once you figure out that teething is the problem the best thing that you can do is help make your child comfortable and treat the rash normally. You may also want to use a diaper rash cream like Baby Butz as a preventative while your child is teething to help prevent the rash from occurring.

Make sure that you quick to treat and soothe the irritated area so it doesn’t cause your child any pain. Teething alone can be extremely painful- without the aided discomfort of a sore bum.

Reducing Diaper Rash in A Teething Baby

  • Reduce drooling by providing a teething chew and teething oil
  • If your child does get a diarrhea from teething keep them hydrated to avoid further complications
  • Make sure you change their diaper frequently and apply Baby Butz diaper rash cream!
  • Stay away from wipes that have alcohol or fragrance in them.
  • Pat the area dry instead of wiping it.

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