Majda Ficko created Baby Butz diaper cream for her ìmiracle child,î Dimitri, who was born with a rare disorder. Sheíll be going to LA next week to promote it to celebs at the Golden Globes awards. Carolyn Vesley story. January 6, 2012 - (Phil Hossack / Winnipeg Free Press)

Baby Butz Was A Product Created By A Mom For Moms

I debated a long time of whether or not to post this picture of myself and my son to the world/internet.

It’s a picture of myself and my special son Demitri…Demitri was born with a very rare syndrome called Cornelia de Lange…don’t be surprised that you have never heard of this syndrome…even most doctors have to look it up in the journals. The events surrounding his birth are for another chapter/post…and not for the faint at heart.

Cornelia de Lange has left Demitri severely mentally and physically disabled…in this picture he is 16 years old…physically he is the size of a 5 year old and mentally capable as a 6 month old child.

Demitri can’t walk, can’t talk and can’t eat by mouth…he is my forever baby.

Demitri’s condition also leaves him susceptible to skin rashes and infections…so bad that most times I had to run to the doctor to get antibiotics and when they didn’t work we ended up at the hospital.

I really did buy every rash product that promised a “cure” …found nothing that stayed on his skin and healed his rashes. In fact…Demitri had terrible reactions to many of these so called baby diaper rash creams…I found out later it was because they contain chemicals and perfumes!

I was furious!!!…why are these companies putting chemicals and perfumes in Baby Products???!!!

Demitri was always in pain…his poor butt looked like raw hamburger meat.

I am just like most moms…when we are pushed to the wall especially if it has something to do with our kids…we come out fighting. We find a way… so that’s why I had to make a natural product that protected and healed his skin.

I made a product that worked so well, Demitri’s doctors insisted I sell the cream. One doctor’s comment was “Sell the cream, why should your son be the only one to benefit”

Demitri is my pride and absolute joy…and I am also proud of my product. The debate is over, I did not post this picture to gain sympathy or have people feel sorry for me and I am not using my son for business gain.

My business is about Demitri!

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…I believe Demitri was born so that I could make a product (Baby Butz cream) that could not only heal and protect him from painful rashes but also help many other babies and children.  And It Has.

Majda Ficko

(Demitri’s mom)

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