Anna M

Hi all, I just want to share my experience with Baby Butz cream, if you are thinking about trying it, don’t wait, this stuff is great!!! , I put it on my grandson, at the diaper change, he had a slight rash beginning, so I put a good dose on that spot and just normal everywhere else, several hours later at diaper change time, I take his diaper off , and Baby Butz had left like a white protective barrier on his little bottom, I wash him well and low and behold, the spot where the rash was starting, was gone… but what I was impressed with was the barrier that was left on his skin,, I literally had to wash it off….it did not wipe off. this cream worked the whole time from diaper change to diaper change , protecting him from further rash and healing the one he had….. I love Baby Butz , it’s the greatest!