My name is Jessica.

A friend of mine recently went to the baby show in
Toronto and you were one of the exhibits. She was instantly drawn to your booth
and after hearing your story she knew that Baby Butz was the perfect solution to
her daughters diaper rash.

Yesterday my baby had a very bad diaper rash
and she immediately told me about your product and I was instantly sold.

We drove to the nearest Superstore. At the Superstore we went straight
for the diaper cream aisle only to find another couple with a different diaper
cream in their hand. My friend immediately told them about your product and they
were instantly sold as well. They were very grateful that she let them know
about this great natural product that actually works. They put the other diaper
cream down and they picked up Baby Butz.

She gave them a great sales pitch about how you came about formulating this
product because of your disabled son and all the great natural ingredients in
your product and that it works.

I put on Baby Butz before bed time and by the next morning the
rash was gone.

I just wanted to let you know about the great people like my friend that truly
believe in your product.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.