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How To Tell If It Is Really A Diaper Rash Or Something Else

At the first sign of red irritation or soreness on the bum, parents instantly go for the Baby Butz cream assuming that it is merely a simple diaper rash. However, if after a few days of applying the cream and the rash does clear up then it may be something more serious. This is why we recommend that moms, who are concerned about irritation on their babies’ bottom make a doctor’s appointment if the rash does not clear up within one or two days of using Baby Butz cream. Regular diaper rashes are fairly common and normal, but are painful and must be treated quickly to prevent further irritations.  Other conditions such as allergies or yeast infections may initially resemble a diaper rash but will not clear up with the application of Baby Butz cream is why it is very important for parents to monitor the rash after they have applied the diaper cream to make sure that it is actually healing.

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If It Isn’t A Diaper Rash, What Is It?

Like we mentioned before redness on your babies’ bottom could also be a symptom of allergies or yeast infections. Occasionally, babies can be allergic to the chemicals that are used to manufacture regular disposable diapers. They may also be allergic to a lotion or ointment that you have applied to their bottom. In some instances food allergies will make an appearance in the form of a rash so do not rule out this as a possibility either.

Along with allergies, yeast infections also are often mistaken for diaper rashes. Telling the difference between a diaper rash and a yeast infection can be tricky. The best way to know for sure is to treat your baby with a product containg natural zinc like Baby Butz  cream and if it does not heal or improve within two days, it may be a yeast infection. Make a doctor’s appointment for your L.O right away.

Diaper Rashes, Allergies, and Yeast Infections OH MY!

If you are a new or first time mom all of this talk about diaper rashes, allergies and yeast infection may be a little bit off-putting. The good news is that these are all common skin conditions that can affect babies’ and can be easily treated with Baby Butz cream or doctor prescription if need be. There is no reason to panic at the first site of a little red baby bottom. Just do your best to keep your infant or toddler comfortable by frequently changing their diaper and applying Baby Butz cream.

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