Bentley's Mom Baby Butz Review

“My son is constantly getting rashes, bad ones! I have tried everything! When I was running out of ides to try, I got an email from BabyButz to review there products. WOW just in time, My son has cleared up so much since starting the BabyButz cream. I was amazed at how well and FAST […]

Gift Bags for Showers

We have our first grandbaby. My daughter-in-law received a jar Baby Butz Cream as a shower gift. I am amazed at how fast it works. Baby Linken was having a problem with his formula and always had what we called wet toots.  His little bottom around the opening was always dirty with every diaper change […]

Pharmacist Owner and Mom

As a health professional and busy mom of 3 kids, including twin boys with very sensitive skin I am writing to let you know how wonderful your Baby Butz diaper cream is. I have seen and tried them all including brand names, generic products and even expensive organic boutique creams for diaper rash and none […]

Miracle cream!!!

  At a loss over my sons rash I finally tried Baby Butz cream…. I can’t believe how much it’s cleared up in 1.5 days! Miracle cream!!!  Thank you!!!  Will always have some on hand now! Michelle L

Physician Testimonial

Testimonials from Physicians adds credibility that Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper rash  treatment available without a prescription. “this product is simply incredible. I am so thankful for it. I didn’t know about it with my first child and so he had several severe rashes. my second child has never had a single one using […]

Whole Lotta Mama – Review

  Even though I didn’t try it on a real butt rash, it worked on my sons rash on his leg. So, I say this stuff really does work. I highly suggest you try it out for yourself or I mean your baby! Click here to read the full review

Mommy Of 2 Babies – Review

    My son has been actually getting diaper rash a lot lately and I have been putting on the baby butz cream and it has been helping a lot. It is really thick in consistency and has been a lifesaver this week. Click here to read the full review

Mama's Mission – Review

  The cream was nice and thick but not so much so that you wouldn’t be able to wipe it off. I used the cream on Em as soon as we got home. For obvious reasons I didn’t take pictures. By the next diaper change I noticed the redness had disappeared, but not the product. […]

Griffin's Honey Blog – Review

  Griffin was a preemie and when he was brought home from the hospital, we developed a Horrendous diaper rash from a leading brand of diapers he was allergic to. I couldn’t find ANYTHING on the market to work and had to take him to the doctor for prescription cream. I wish Baby Butz had […]