Mom Creates a Natural Sunscreen for Kids – That Work like “Tiny Mirrors”!

A child’s sensitive body cannot take too many chemicals, especially in the skin, so this one determined mom created a “tiny mirrors” sunscreen that actually deflects the UV rays . . . even during high noon. By Liam Parker Highlights: Having 5 serious sunburns increases risk for skin cancer by 80% – the most common […]

Meeting at The Birth Centre

Earlier this month, Olen’s founder Majda Ficko was invited to The Birth Centre in Winnipeg to give a talk to midwives and new moms. In this amazing facility that has helped many new lives come into this world, Majda shared her own experience as a mother and how she was inspired to make products that […]

Do I need sunscreen in WINTER?

Waking up with a layer of snow on the ground,winter has finally arrived in the heart of Canada! As the day grows shorter and the sun slants ever more each day, you may think it’s finally time to put your sunscreen back into the cupboard, well, think again. Winter’s short day time and low temperature are […]

Did you know that there are Two Kinds of Sunscreen?

  Sunscreens come in two basic formulations. One contains chemical compounds as the active ingredients and the other contains natural organic compounds. The two work very differently. Most sunscreens on the market today are generally chemical based and must be absorbed into the skin to be effective via a chemical reaction with the UV rays. […]

Wanna Free Baby Butz and Sunblocz?

Interested in a free jar of Baby Butz or a free tube of Sunblocz? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and leave a comment below the promo posts. If chosen, all you need to do is go on that social media platform from which you were picked, and post 1) an image of […]

The Story behind Olen’s Logo Animals

If you’ve been using Baby Butz Cream and Sunblocz or browsing through our website, you may already be familiar with our faces.  We are the logo animal mascots for Olen. Besides being absolutely adorable (thank you very much, we totally agree with you), there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the reason […]

Sunblocz – The all natural sunscreen for the whole family

“Oh, Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun Please shine down on me…“ From the bottom of all the Canadian hearts, this is what we pray for as the temperature plummets quickly down to single digits. But for all the lucky people who are living under the warm southern sun or will soon be travelling there, […]