Baby Butz @ Parents and Kids Fair

I had the privilege to be an exhibitor at the Parents and Kids Fair in Montréal this past month, sponsored by Jean Coutu (Jean Coutu, “The Most Admired Company in Quebec”, is the largest pharmacy chain in Quebec with almost 1,000 stores). During the 4-day event, held at the beautiful Place Bonaventure, we spread the […]

How to Choose The Best Natural Baby Products for Your Little One

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but these days knowing what natural baby products are the best is difficult!   Marketers who sell cosmetics for babies have taken notice to fact that parents are becoming more picky about what chemicals they expose their children to. However, instead of changing the products themselves, […]

What is The Best Diaper Rash Treatment For Chronic Diaper Rash?

From the day that your baby is born until the day that they have finished potty training, your little one’s bum is susceptible to diaper rash. For this reason many new moms ask “what is the best diaper rash treatment to use?”  There are many diaper rash treatments available on the market, some more effective than […]

Treating Diaper Rash On Baby

Does your poor little one have a diaper rash? Here is how you treat it. So, you are changing your baby’s diaper and you discover that they have a diaper rash on their bottom. Don’t panic! When left untreated diaper rashes can be extremely painful BUT if you take care of it quickly the rash […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Skin Care Products

Choosing natural skin care products for your baby! Now that you are a parent, you are probably finding yourself worried about things that you were never worried about before. For example, you probably never thought too much about the ingredients in your cosmetics and skin care products. After your little one arrived, you may be […]

Why Parents Need to Look Closely At The Ingredients in Their Baby Products

If you buy a product that has been specifically created for your baby, you may assume that the ingredients in that product are safe FOR YOUR BABY!   What you probably don’t know is that there is actually no way to guarantee this! In fact the only thing that makes these products “for babies” is […]

Why It is A Good Idea to Choose Natural Baby Products

Every parent wants the best for their child. Using organic and natural baby products is one way that you can keep your child away from harm. Some products that are considered to be “baby” products are actually filled with chemicals that can be harmful to your baby’s skin. Even products that are not harmful may […]

A Mother's Story.

Baby Butz Was A Product Created By A Mom For Moms I debated a long time of whether or not to post this picture of myself and my son to the world/internet. It’s a picture of myself and my special son Demitri…Demitri was born with a very rare syndrome called Cornelia de Lange…don’t be surprised […]

4 Reasons Why More Moms Are Choosing All Natural Baby Products

More and more parents are choosing all natural baby products these days. In today’s blog we talk about some of the reasons for this. There is no denying that parents are fed up with all of the chemicals in the cosmetics and products that we use on our children. In the last few years the […]

Swimming and Diaper Rashes What You Need to Know

Can I Take My Baby Swimming If She Has A Diaper Rash? Being that it is almost pool season again we are getting a lot of inquiries about swimming and diaper rash.  Generally if you see that your little one has a diaper rash then you may not want to take them into a chlorinated […]