It’s common knowledge that I am a breastfeeding advocate. I breastfed my daughter directly on the breast for 20 months, I currently breastfeed my son, and I also put my daughter back on pumped breast milk. Even though I’m a breast milk warrior, I totally support all the mommas who choose formula. Whatever works for you and baby is all that matters in the end. I was made to breast feed, my milk production has always been bananas. Also my life set up has allowed me to keep up with it. Not all mothers are afforded either luxury.

This is from one breast…telling you guys, made for this lol!


The comments against breastfeeding in public ALWAYS tick me off. Especially a comment saying that breasts should to be seen and used for fun. How do you totally ignore the fact that breasts produce milk naturally to feed children and say they are only to be used in a sexual manner? Yet that is the most ridiculous, but common, opinion regarding public breastfeeding opposition. To me it’s saying “if we aren’t getting any enjoyment from your breast being out, put them away.”

I use a cover because that is what I am most comfortable with, but what I am comfortable with should not determine how another mother chooses to nourish her child. Celebrities can attend events with pasties over their nipple, but a baby being on the nipple is too much visually. You see pretty much the same amount of boob if we are going to be honest.