How The All Natural Zinc Helps Heal Your Baby’s Bottom

baby butz zincIn our last blog post we were discussing the sometimes-complicated difference between all natural and organic products labels. Obviously, we can see that sometimes manufactures marketing can be a bit misleading. This can be frustrating for moms, like us, who are just trying to stay away from substances that may be harmful to our child.

Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream is an All-Natural product… it isn’t organic. This is important for consumers to know because even though organic is commonly thought of as “good for us.” It is also a label that can be extremely misleading. For instance, most oil-based substances are considered organic. Although, some natural oils are good- our bodies do not easily absorb them.

This is because our bodies are mostly composed of water, so when you apply an oil-based substance to the skin it will just run off or lay on top. Great for moisturizing, bad for healing. This is why oil based cosmetics and lotions are not very nurturing. Due to the fact that they wipe off easily, and do not provide a moisture barrier for your baby’s precious skin.

Baby skin

Baby Butz, All Natural Diaper Cream Heals Skin

The four easy to understand all natural ingredients that are in Baby Butz diaper rash cream have been proven to stay on the affected area and help heal the skin. Primarily Zinc, which is one of the most prominent mineral ingredients used in Baby Butz . Zinc, can help soothe and relieve the rash naturally. Studies have shown us that Zinc has known healing properties making it ideal for not only soothing your baby’s aching bum but other skin irritations too!

Don’t Believe Me? Try Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream With Zinc and See For Yourself!

bloggerbrandieBrandie PetersĀ is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson who is now 16months old.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.