Here are 3 important facts about the Baby Butz, all natural diaper rash cream ingredient Petrolatum:

1. Petrolatum is Safe!

According to standards established by Health Canada and the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA)- Petrolatum is considered to be universally safe and non-toxic.

2. Petrolatum is derived from very refined crude oil 

Although, we normally associate oil products to be bad for us, this is actually a common misunderstanding. In its purest (unprocessed form) crude oil is actually a natural substance that comes from the earth.

Furthermore, the Petrolatum that is found in cosmetics, medical ointments and baby products is highly refined oil. What this means is that goes through a very strict regulatory process to assure that it is toxin free and safe to use.

3. Petrolatum is an effective moisturizer

The way that Petrolatum moisturizes is actually by creating a barrier over the skin that allows the bodies’ natural healing and moisturizing capabilities to go to work. Basically what it does is create a protective seal that holds natural moisture in.

However, Petrolatum in combination with skin-healing minerals like Zinc can be a powerful combination. The Petrolatum works to hold the moisture while the zinc mineral effectively promotes healing and skin repair.

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