Things To Know, The Difference Between All Natural and Organic

How Seemingly Simple Labelling Terminology Can Be Misleading When you first begin shopping for all-natural baby products differentiating between organic and natural product labels can be tricky. These days, it feels as if manufactures use these two names interchangeably. Basically, all-natural and organic have become marketing buzzwords used to make products appeal more to eco-friendly […]

Baby Butz cream…Best diaper rash cream out there!

Best diaper rash cream out there! It’s the only cream that I use for my daughter that actually works. I was given a sample through my doctor, and haven’t used a different brand since. It instantly soothes and heals! Stacy D.

Calming baby and diaper rash

My sisters little one is in NICU right now and they use a product called Baby Butz. Sensitive enough for that premie skin and my brother in law says it works like a dream (I suppose it’s saying something when a male volunteers diaper rash cures voluntarily without prompting – he’s like a walking infomercial […]